Pork BBQ

I usually cook my Pork BBQ during the holidays and when it’s summer. My recipe is never the same, and I don’t measure anything. I go with the taste and smell.

Genwa Korean BBQ

5115 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 Hancock Park At Genwa Korean BBQ, you are the chef. Choose from the prime selection of various, beef, pork, chicken or seafood; then cook it all up right at your table! Smokeless grills and ventilation systems won’t make you smell like you’ve been to a campfire. They have … More Genwa Korean BBQ

Pork Menudo

My Pork Menudo is a Filipino version. My recipe does not include potatoes and liver. Thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up.

Shishito Pepper

Shishito pepper is a mildly spicy, East Asian variety of the species Capsicum annuum. It is known as kkwari-gochu in Korea because its wrinkled surface resembles groundcherries.

4th of July BBQ

During the 4th of July for some reason, I always think about BBQ. Maybe it’s because of the weather. It’s the best time to grill some meat and drink your favorite cold beverage. Hangout with your friends and family.

Nilagang Baka

There are many versions of “Nilagang Baka” Filipino Beef Stew with Clear Broth. The traditional version is using bone marrow. I have the healthier version. 😉 I hope you like this video and please don’t forget to give me a “thumbs up” and subscribe. HAPPY WATCHING!