Lobster Festival

Every year I go to almost all of the lobster festivals in my area. There’s Redondo Beach and San Pedro. People assume that if it’s a lobster fest all you can eat there is just lobster. Not true! In fact, you’ll find different kinds of food, Asian, Cajun, Mexican, BBQ, etc. If you look at the pictures I posted they even have churros. And I love churros especially when they’re freshly cooked. Now going back to lobsters, they will show you how they cook it. Each time they ring the bell it signals everyone to start lining up in order for them to serve the freshly cooked lobsters. It always comes with a potato, a roll, and a watermelon. You have the option to buy tickets online or at the main venue. Buying tickets online gives you a discount and some free items like a T-Shirt. Depends on what package you buy. Lobster Fest is perfect for a family event. Aside from the food, they also have games, concerts, bazaars, etc. This event only happens once a year and that is why I look forward to this every year!


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