800 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzeria

I finally get to try this newest pizzeria on Westwood. I am now one of those people who are waiting in line for a slice of pizza. I’m thinking this better be worth it. The last time I was in line like this, is at Boiling Crab. The line moved quickly. It seems that they have a system going on that works. As soon as you reach the counter the first person asks what kind of pizza do you want? What topping? It takes 5 minutes to cook the pizza sometimes shorter than 5. Crazy right??? It’s true! They have specialty pies and classics. I was reading all the reviews and almost everybody is raving about the specialty pie, Tartufo with truffle cheese, roasted mushrooms, caramelized garlic, arugula, and no tomato sauce. I ordered this with an extra topping of chili and prosciutto. And just so I have something to compare this with I ordered the classic pizza Margherita with extra chili and pepperoni. Guess which one I liked the best? No, it’s not the Tartufo. Why? It is very salty…for me. I should have listened to my coworker. She already warned me that it is salty. Did I listen? Not. I have to try it for myself. Everybody’s taste buds are different. I guess I learned it the hard way. For whatever reason, they sprinkle rock salt before they serve their pizza. Now for some reason, the rock salt worked well with the pizza Margherita. Now I know which pizza to order. If you ask me is their pizza better than Lamonica’s New York? HELL NO! Lamonica’s is still the best. Was it worth then? How else I’m I gonna write this review if I don’t try it.


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