Korean BBQ

I’ve been to so many Korean BBQ and I will never get tired of the meats and the neverending side dishes (banchan).  I just love it!!!  I avoided the rice and just focused on the meats and side dishes.  I just came to realize Korean BBQ will not be fun if you decide to eat by yourself. … More Korean BBQ

Beef Sinigang

This is another version of my “Sinigang” with Beef this time. The best wine to pair this dish with is Pinot Blanc. Related articles What Is: Sinigang? (foodisnice.wordpress.com)

Ramen Yamadaya (Westwood, West Los Angeles)

This restaurant is now closed. Please check out my previous review below. I recently posted this review in YELP about Ramen Yamadaya http://www.yelp.com/biz/ramen-yamadaya-los-angeles#hrid:2rxwp9rNLq96dd7WisEl9Q/src:self Every day I pass by this restaurant and their B rating is still posted on their door. All I can think of is the people eating inside the restaurant. Did they get … More Ramen Yamadaya (Westwood, West Los Angeles)

My Easter Brunch

A typical Catholic will wake up early in the morning and gather up everybody to attend an Easter Sunday mass. Unfortunately, I woke up late and I don’t have anybody to go with so I spent my Easter Sunday having a late breakfast almost close to brunch watching Paranormal Activity 4. I tried using the … More My Easter Brunch