Churros muy caliente!

There’s this place in West LA (Santa Monica) called, “Churros Calientes.” Churros Calientes is a company specializing in organic churros and hot chocolate, as well as homemade sandwiches, soups, salads, and organic coffees and teas Ah, churros you make me drool just thinking about you. My day will not be complete if I don’t end my day with a taste of their churros and a cup of their caffè latte. They use all organic ingredients and their churros are made to order so you’ll know your churros will always be fresh. They have different ways of cooking their churros. If you look at the pictures I posted some churros look like french fries and some have fillings and huge! You get to choose the dip you want. My favorite is Dulce de Leche. They have chocolate, guava, strawberry, and condensed milk. My hubby loves their hot chocolate. Not too thick and not too sweet. It’s just perfect. We met the owner Sandro Finocchio and his business partner Jacob. They’re so friendly. Say hi to them. They treat you like family.


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