Ramen Yamadaya (Westwood, West Los Angeles)

This restaurant is now closed. Please check out my previous review below.

I recently posted this review in YELP about Ramen Yamadaya http://www.yelp.com/biz/ramen-yamadaya-los-angeles#hrid:2rxwp9rNLq96dd7WisEl9Q/src:self

Every day I pass by this restaurant and their B rating is still posted on their door. All I can think of is the people eating inside the restaurant. Did they get sick after eating their food? Are they “first timers?” I got sick 3 times after eating their food. They served me raw chicken 3 times in the same day that’s when I stopped eating here. The Culver City branch is fine in fact way better! They have better menu. Cleaner restaurant and the food are cooked well. It’s just sad that this branch doesn’t have the same standard. I’d rather have McDonalds next door at least they have consistency with all of their products and they value their customers. I warned a coworker from eating their food because of what happened to me. Unfortunately, she didn’t heed my warning. She got sick… This is why I had to write this review. If you value your customers’ safety please fix whatever needs fixing so that you’ll have an A rating. If your chef served raw chicken more than once to your customers then find a better chef.

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