Yummy food filthy restroom

I’ve noticed that majority of the restaurants  I’ve tried that were good, have filthy restrooms. It just ruins your dining experience. Do you think you’ll still have appetite if you see the restroom dirty?  Your mind starts wondering… Yuck if the restroom is filthy then the kitchen must be filthy.  I do avoid restaurants that are B. Of course it’s hard not to eat in a B restaurant if you are eating with your friends.  I’ve also had bad experiences with dirty water. I don’t drink tap water anymore. Even at home! I know I’m weird.  I buy bottled water.  I also gave up drinking soda.  My soda is sparkling water. If I drink soda I’ll have a bad tummy ache.  Another main reason why I’m so careful with where I eat is because of food poisoning experiences that I had. I swear I thought the only time I’ll kneel in front of a toilet bowl is when I drank too much… I remember eating a seafood dish for dinner. Oh, boy the next day I was puking. I was running towards the bathroom I thought I wouldn’t make it.  I was puking for three days.  It was that bad and no I’m not pregnant. I wish I was.  So my advice to you after you order your food, excuse yourself and head to the restroom. See if it’s clean. If not, you’re in trouble now.

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Happy Eating!

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